Thursday, April 25, 2013

When boredom ensues

Yesterday was probably the most beautiful day we've had here all week and I'm a sucker for a beautiful day. I hate watching them go to waste especially since the only thing I did was get screwed over when I get my brake fluid flushed. Besides, I've had an itchy trigger finger lately as I always do during the Spring months. Luckily, Alaina saw me whining via twitter about wanting to go outside (ahh, gotta love the internet) and she immediately crawled out of (literally) bed and accompanied me on a walk/mini photo adventure.

Laina wasn't feeling 100% yesterday but she still was trooper. Even twirling for me though she was easily on the brink of getting sick in the bushes. Seriously though what are friends for! I would of gladly held her hair back in that situation.

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