Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 months

Next Friday it'll be exactly 6 months until I get married. Let's just say I feel less then prepared but I'm excited. To be honest, I work way better under pressure so this is perfect for me. I'm considering from now basically until October crunch time on getting everything done. Thank god I've got my shoes and my dress out the way!

I'll be heading to Austin (again) next week to see my sister and look for a places to have the ceremony, take pictures, etc. I was never the sort of girl who already had their wedding in planned out (honestly, if you would of asked 15 year old Jade about her future wedding she would of laughed in your face. I had no plans on getting married back then.) Although the process is stressful, I'm still super excited about everything.

Speaking of shoes last month while everything was in mid bloom, I took some pictures of my shoes that perfectly matched the flowers. I probably would of done more but that tree was buzzing with bees so it just wasn't worth the risk, but I'm still very much in love with how they came out.

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