Sunday, July 29, 2012

a Disney Princess

While in Austin I got to visit another awesome friend of mine. Remember when I mentioned about Kat staying in Austin for the summer? Well, her amazing Aunt and Uncle invited me to stay while Kat and I ruled the town for a day or two. It was great; Kat is really made for that city. I'm so glad she got to experience my hometown and better yet, we got to do it together! She's coming back to Fort Worth for a little bit before heading to Wyoming for the semester. Man, have I missed that girl like crazy.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget...I helped her dye her hair. What we thought would be a nice auburn kind of turned out to be a Ariel red. It's okay, she loves it as do I! But I mean, isn't she the spitting image of the Little Mermaid? Her blog named Mermaid Tail Scales fits quite perfectly now.

I couldn't resist.


  1. That is a lovely hair colour, red/auburn is normally so hard to achieve!

    1. we didn't think it would be so red at all! we used two boxes of color because her hair is pretty long and her hair color is naturally a medium brown. I guess that's what did the trick.

  2. Replies
    1. You mean KAT looks amazing. this is not her blog.