Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kat Cordes

My last post was a few snap shots of my good friend, Kat! Well last weekend(ish) she told me she was moving to Austin for the rest of the summer. Yeah, I've been bummed no less but I was so thankful for getting to spend 24 hour super awesome hours with her! There was late night Denny's for free, lots driving, talking, singing Lana Del Rey (my guilty pleasure), staying up late and waking up early. We also adventured downtown Fort Worth where we indulged in the best cupcakes I've ever tasted and got our thrift on. 
while shopping I got to play around with my vsco cam app. pretty neat!

Later in the evening we got to take some real picture which I've been itching to do...especially of Kat! Who wouldn't want to take pictures of this silly 5'9'' gorgeous girl?

Very excited to be visiting Austin near the end of July. This lady also has a blog where she'll be documenting her summer in Austin! 


  1. OH THESE ARE GREAT LOVE YOU MISS YOU MWAAAAH. Queen of the Camera, that's what you are.