Saturday, July 28, 2012

A girl and her pup

I happily got to see my best friend when I was visiting Austin this past week (the last time I took pictures of her was way back in January!) I drove out to her and her boyfriend's house in Burnet. Although I was skeptical of being out in the middle of no where, I did find it quite beautiful and relaxing. I helped make them both dinner and just enjoyed Audrey's company as I always do. 

But secretly the best part was her puppy, Dutch. This dog was a total riot and such a doll to be around. You really couldn't help but to fall in love! I took some pictures of her and Dutch, you know, for old times sake. That pup sure does loves his mamma. 

P.S. Audrey says she felt as if she was channeling Claire Danes via My So-Called Life...I'm not complaining.

crappy instax scans. sorry!

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