Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stay Gold

Let me level with you...

I spent a lot of this year losing and finding myself. What do I want to do, what am I going to do about said do, etc. I stumble upon some crippling self doubt at times and ride it out and it's never done me any good so I'm doing something about it. 

My goal is to double my shoots every year at least until I found my stride.  This is the first year I've failed at record low for me. I don't know what happen and maybe it was just life in general getting in the way, but was disappointed coming into November. 
But then I got inspired in a new way and have built my confidence by challenging myself. So far, I am very happy with the results! I see myself becoming better and more fierce with every passing day. 

The point is that I'm ready to make this my full time thing and that's what I'll be pursuing in the next year and a half. As every year, I plan to shoot more and be better but I also plan to go places and see a lot more. 2015 is all about coming out a stronger photographer. 

I'm planning to see a lot more of this place. 

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