Thursday, January 9, 2014

Once More, with Feeling... part 1

2013 was one hell of a year for me photographically. Though I do wish I would of done more, I think I'd say I've done pretty well. I'm looking for this year to be different..very, very different. I've talked briefly about starting my own business out of this in my last post, or at least that's what I was getting at. I've been sitting on the idea for...pretty much, ever. I don't know why I've been waiting to just do it, but I am now!

The past month that Kat's been home has been so fun! I'm so sad she'll be leaving soon, but we made it count. I showed her around Arlington and she got her first Boba tea! It was all... very exciting. And of course we took a lot of pictures that day. Two looks, which is always super fun for me!

I finally got a scanner for all my polaroids and instax! These are always my favorite. 

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