Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reflections and Beginnings.

I've pretty much been neglecting all internet responsibilities since Thanksgiving. I've basically switched retail jobs and this Christmas season has pretty much wrecked my social productivity. I mean, that's really the holiday season for everyone though.

Next year I'm definitely making photography a bigger priority and taking bigger strides to do it full time within the next few years while Reggie finishes getting his degree. Everything in the universe is telling me it's time to move forward and everyones telling me, "yeah, you can do this!" That's all I can really say about anything right now. You never know when something crazy can drop out of the sky (which is something that 2013 has definitely taught me!) I will say I'm doing a make over on this site so everyone might be seeing more of it.

Speaking of 2013, it's been a big big year. I know it's only Christmas Eve and I've got a whole week to go but I always feel like after Christmas the year is basically over. I'm so happy for all the opportunities that have been placed in front of me and the awesome events I've been able to shoot! Also this year has felt like my best photographic growth yet! I have some big ideas and goals in mind for this 2014.

Now to the good stuff...

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