Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Reggie and I recently went on our very late honeymoon. We had much bigger plans to be totally honest but with family emergencies, midterms and everything else in-between getting in the way...nothing really turned out right. We kept it simple and thought getting away from Dallas/Fort Worth was enough.

We first spent some time in town and did some fun stuff (free show at my job AND free Old 97's show? I'll take it!) then came to Austin for a couple days to relax and do some adventuring around the city which is something we haven't done in years together. I definitely exhausted Reg and myself but I think we had a blast. Reggie isn't very good at relaxing so it took him a bit to loosen up and not constantly think about school and work. (Having his work emails connected to his phone will be the death of him, I swear.)

I had my camera with my the whole time but honestly, I've had a hard time getting myself to lug it around with all the walking we were doing. I did get a few Instax (which have been coming out better then my dSLR pictures to be honest). I plan on buying a photo scanner tomorrow so I can start posting all the ones I've taken recently. I'm pretty proud of them and they deserved to be displayed somewhere else other then my house!

I did however make do a lot of recording on my phone and made a little video. I apologize right now about my shaky hands, I'm still learning. But I am getting a hold of this video/editing thing. I really like it and I see myself doing more of this in the near future.

Honeymoon from Jade Wright on Vimeo.

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