Sunday, February 10, 2013

LITTLE HERE + LITTLE THERE: Party Edition, year 2

This week has been very, very special. Mainly because it was Reggie's birthday week! We had so much fun being able to spend time together and do all of our favorite things since he took off work. 

Friday was the actual day of his birthday so we decided to trek to our favorite burger spot, Hopdoddy. If you ever make it to Dallas or Austin, be sure to go there! Local and absolutely delicious burgers with tons of options (I'm a sucker for a place that isn't Pho and I can get a bottle of Sirracha for my table!) Then we all around just enjoyed the city together...mostly sitting in traffic though. 

Saturday night was our 2nd annual party extravaganza. We started out with pool; his favorite game of choice that doesn't have to with his XBOX. Then we headed back to our place where the real partying began. The turn out wasn't quite as epic as last year, but we still had a lot of. Or at least I think so since everyone didn't leave until 5 am. 

Most importantly he had a happy birthday and that's all that matters. 

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