Saturday, September 29, 2012

I want to be Forever Young

You've seen Ally a couple times (here, here and here to be exact).  She's kind of my favorite because she always has something interesting and stunning to wear. No, that's the not the only reason but it's a huge plus. We could seriously talk clothes all day long...but don't get my started.

I was driving back from the gym and I realized it was particularly gloomy but didn't quite smell like rain. Obviously, it's one of my favorite times to shoot. I mean, the whole city was one big soft light box plus I'm one of the few weird people who stays in on most Friday's. Of course, I texted Allyson and we met at Target then explored Cooper Street and beyond.

We found an old club...or seemed like it used to be a strip club hah. But the aesthetics were matching quite well with her Elmyra look.

We indulged in Starbucks, got the shit scared out of us at the Halloween store and last but not least headed over to this record store I've been eyeing for months. It's called Forever Young and it's a gem. Really. This place was massive, the t shirts were amazing and the place in general was to die for. I literally went to music heaven.

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