Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Something new....something new

It had been a while since Kat and I really shot somewhere out of our element. I've become a terrible planner when it comes to locations lately, but luckily she's always down with a ride through town or walking a couple blocks until we find something at least half way decent. Well, this scene is way more than halfway decent. I shot Cierra's maternity pictures here last Spring but hadn't been back to the park more than to just catch Pokemon (I know, let's not talk about it).

I only regret not being able to take more instant film pictures because I (thought) one of my cameras was broken when I was trying to use it that day. Well, I'm happy to say today I found out my camera isn't broken, I just literally haven't changed the batteries in 6 or 7 years *insert eye roll*.

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