Monday, December 12, 2016

When There's Nothing Left to Burn

What the hell happen in 2016? It got to me too. I basically spent this year half ass fulfilling all the promises I made when I was feeling really good in 2015. That's really lame but it's honestly the only way I can describe this past year. A true struggle. But with everything awkwardly hanging in the balance, I have felt a lightness. I also felt this need to start over; to start from the beginning. So I took a long break to think and work on different creative endevors and new trades.

When it came down to it, photography is everywhere for me. I can't get pictures and scenes out of my head. My memory is strong and I feel like photography helps that. I want so badly for people to see things the way I do. The beauty is everywhere. It's in the streets, in the woods, in you and me. I think we really need to see that right now.

So yeah, here I am. The best way to get out of any funk is self portraits. It's funny doing self portraits now because I'm far more self aware. I think it's all this time living in the "selfie generation" and knowing you could be forced into one any second.

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