Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Surprise, we pulled a "Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt" and got married today! During the past few month of us planning this wedding, I feel like it started being about everyone else. That's not really fair to Reggie or me. So we said "screw it", and last Friday (2 days before our 8 year anniversary) decided this was what was right for us. But don't worry, we're still having a "wedding", it'll just be more of a party. And you know we like to party!

We are very very happy with this decision. It's more "us" and I'm already feeling 10 times more like myself again and ready to take on all this wedding stuff! My mom even surprised me by showing up! (I didn't think she'd be able to make it on such short notice.) Our parents were there and that's all we really needed. 

Now, all that's left is the wedding and honeymoon in October. We're thinking Disneyworld!

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