Friday, August 24, 2012

Natalie + Dawn

I hope everyone is enjoying/enjoyed there last bits of summer that is left. This summer has been busy, busy, busy for me. I don't think I've stopped moving since the beginning of June. I will say that I am (mostly) work and very little play. I haven't been swimming more then once this summer but I did get to watch my nieces enjoy my dad and step mom's pool for a good part of the time!

I love my nieces so so much. Natalie (the oldest) is such an amazing big sister and although she gets frustrated at times, she loves Dawn. They really are the best of friends and I hope they don't grow out of that TOO much as they get older. They love the water; it's really like pulling teeth to get them out the pool. Constantly asking, "can we get back in later?" Little water bugs...

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